Mary Keenan's
Procrastination Diary

Now with 40% more procrastination, project ideas, and daily diary entries!

Hi, I'm Mary.  I'm a writer. Welcome to my world of reverse laziness, where no matter how little work there is to do on my novel/short story/birthday card message, I've got distractions to spare.

The Diary

The Knitting Blog (don't ask, just go)

The Knitting Patterns (ditto)

The Nice Note You're Writing Me

The Stories That Got Away
(and into a book)

"The Thrill of the Chase"
Going Out With A Bang:
A Crime and Mystery Collection
by the Ladies' Killing Circle
RendezVous Crime
ISBN 978-1-894917-73-5

"Mamma's Girl"
Blood on the Holly:
An Anthology of Christmas Mysteries
edited by Caro Soles
(a Crime Writers of Canada Collection)
Baskerville Books
ISBN 978-0-9686776-7-4

"Tee'd Off"
Fit to Die
by The Ladies' Killing Circle
RendezVous Crime
ISBN 0-020141-87-3

"Knitting for Love"
KnitLit: Sweaters and Their Stories
edited by Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf
Three Rivers Press
ISBN 0-609-80824-9

The Burning Questions

What should I wear tomorrow?

If I spend three hours baking bread instead of walking twenty minutes to the store and back and then writing for two and a half hours, am I still being productive? (answer: of course!)

If I went for another job, which ones are more exciting than sitting in a chair typing?

Who can possibly save my brain, right now? and maybe give me something to listen to while I cook.  Anybody?

Speaking of which - what should I cook?

Should I buy this non-book item?  What do other customers say about it?

Is there someplace I can hear the whole song before I download it?

Ooooh, and while I'm here, can I see Christopher Walken tapdancing again?

I wonder whether IKEA has anything new to get this place organized once and for all?